New TV Show Just Snoop Dogg getting High and Doing The Dishes

MTV announced plans to release a pilot episode for a new show in which viewers can tune in and watch rapper Snoop Dogg do his dishes whilst high. MTV executive Tim Bradshaw explains, “America simply cannot get enough of watching this old high guy do different things, from cooking to watching nature documentaries, they love it and we had all these extra dishes piling up from the cafeteria, so we just thought ‘fuck it’ let’s have him do dishes.”

While there is very little dialogue in the show, test audiences have enjoyed watching Snoop Dogg chuckle to himself or look fondly upon a memorable piece of dishware. Occasionally Snoop will explain to the audience that the water might be too hot, or perhaps too cold. He explains “sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the water I use to rinse the dishes is too hot or too cold, because sometimes when water gets very cold it can feel like it’s burning my skin.”

During the hour-long show, there is a 10-minute intermission in which audiences can watch Snoop patiently wait for his hands to unprune. Snoop explains. “Sometimes the water makes my hands all pruney, similar to the texture of dried plum, or prune as I like to call them. When this happens I don’t like the way it feels so I have to wait about 10 minutes before I feel comfortable doing more dishes.”

Let’s hope MTV has future plans to add more shows to the HSDCU (High Snoop Dogg Cinematic Universe)

Eytan Raphaely is a comedian from Seattle. His other characteristics include: Jewish, brown hair, and tattoos.

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